Results from a fresh outside perspective


Define strategic product direction and differentiated positioning.

Trust and Passion

People love working with me and I quickly integrate with existing teams creating a space of trust, high energy and passion that fosters change and innovation.


I use a Lean Startup approach and metrics to rapidly iterate the definition of solution priorities, the identification of customer pains that matter, and the target audience.

Actionable Results

Roadmap, messaging, positioning and go-to-market with competitive analysis, thought leadership and evangelizing.

Translate technology ideas into solutions with focus and execute through iterations of hypothesis and tests working closely with customers for feedback and learning. Articulate a succinct value proposition and differentiation (what is the secret sauce?). Establish product management and product marketing processes.

Sample clients: CloudShare, Kintana, Innotas, Accept, LogicMonitor, Droplet, Correlsense, Certus

Three scenarios:

  1. Take over a project when an organization lacks resources. Provide a full turnkey solution from strategic direction to resources and execution.
  2. Jump start internal disruptive initiatives.
  3. Define product portfolio strategy and establish product management and product marketing processes.

Sample clients: Intacct, Citrix, Jive, Quest Software, Serena, LogicalApps, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM Rational

While most of my skills are domain independent, these are a sample of the industry spaces in which I have been involved: enterprise and consumer SaaS and mobile applications, collaboration, web meetings, group chatting, file sharing, product portfolio planning, ideation, agile development, requirements management, cloud environment management, continuous integration and delivery, testing, application management, IT Governance.

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